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  QuoteFor more than 25 years, we have relied on the Gilchrist & Rutter lawyers to represent us on numerous complex real estate and business matters. They work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals and make deals happen."

- James A. Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Properties Group, Inc.
Sustainability Law

Attorneys in Gilchrist & Rutter’s Sustainability Practice Group help clients navigate the local, state and federal laws dealing with a project’s environmental impact. We clarify what is required to comply with applicable laws, and how to maximize investments in “green” technology, such as making low-cost operational adjustments and building improvements to reduce operating costs for tenants and landlords, increase the value of the assets, and attract and retain tenants willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly/healthy locations. Building on our expertise in construction, leasing and asset management-related legal issues, we assist our clients in areas such as:

  • Incorporating green building considerations in design and construction.
  • Enhancing a project’s sustainability by minimizing its resource footprint.
  • Adopting energy efficient practices in the management and operation of assets.
  • Drafting leases to address landlords’ and tenants’ concerns about increasing a project’s energy efficiency and reducing its environmental footprint.


See the links below for news regarding our clients' successes in achieving their sustainability goals and for additional information about how to achieve your sustainability goals:




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