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  QuoteFor more than 25 years, we have relied on the Gilchrist & Rutter lawyers to represent us on numerous complex real estate and business matters. They work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals and make deals happen."

- James A. Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Properties Group, Inc.
Environmental Law

The firm provides advice to owners and developers of real estate in the areas of compliance with environmental regulations, the preparation of prospective purchaser agreements with governmental agencies, the development of Brownfields property, the sale and purchase of environmentally contaminated property, and environmental insurance.

Gilchrist & Rutter counsels clients regarding federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations and advises how such laws and regulations impact real estate ownership, operation and development.

Transactional Practice
We assist in the environmental aspects of real property and business transactions and financing, environmental site assessment, negotiated allocation of environmental risk, prospective purchaser agreements with governmental agencies, and response to environmental conditions that impair real estate (such as underground storage tanks, asbestos in buildings, soil and groundwater contamination). We have experience in matters ranging from heavy industrial properties with known contamination in identified Superfund areas, to commercial and undeveloped properties with no known environmental problems at the outset of a transaction.

Environmental Compliance
We provide regulatory compliance counseling on the many complex environmental laws and regulations governing business operations. Our advice covers environmental audit of facility operations, environmental permit requirements, remedial action, hazard communication programs and requirements, regulation of hazardous substance emissions, hazardous waste generation, transportation and disposal, emergency response to hazardous materials incidents, and environmental disclosures and reporting.

Environmental Claims and Enforcement
We handle the defense of governmental investigations, notices, orders, enforcement and penalty actions under environmental laws and regulations. We represent clients in the prosecution, defense and resolution of environmental claims for cost recovery or property damage due to hazardous substance contamination, including related insurance claims and coverage disputes.






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