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1/6/2017 – How Will the Presidency Affect Your Park?
09/14/16 - Impact of New Appellate Decision on Community Owners 09/06/16 – Court Says No to Coastal Commission 
07/16/16 – Wall Street Journal – Report on Manufactured Housing 
05/06/16 – Federal Court Finds City of Carson Violated Park Owner’s Rights 
04/07/16 – How Much is Your Park Worth?  Closure and Redevelopment of Park in El Monte, CA
08/18/15 – Wall Street Journal – Park Closure in Palo Alto? 
01/08/15 – Federal Judge Green-Lights Challenge to Carson Rent Control 
10/30/14 – How Much is Your Park Worth?  Closure and Redevelopment of Park in Culver City, CA 
09/05/14 – Remedy For Park Owner Due to City’s Illegal Interference
08/12/14 – Location, Location, Location!
03/21/14 - Sky Terrace MHP Destroyed By Wildfire - Lawsuit Settled!
07/28/10 - Case Alert
07/22/10 - Park Owner Victory in Palm Springs
06/30/10 - Morro Bay Park Owner Wins Subdivision Approval
05/26/10 - City of L.A. Rent Freeze Fails to Pass
04/30/10 - City of Carlsbad Approves Park Subdivision
04/15/10 - Park Owner Obtains Order Vacating Judgment in Failure to Maintain Lawsuit
03/31/10 - Favorable Ruling Appellate Court in Subdivision Case
03/04/10 - City of Pleasonton Approves Subdivision and Pays Park Owner $750,000 Settlement
10/22/09 - City of Carson Approves 425 Lot Park Subdivision
08/21/09 - Court of Appeals Gives Favorable Ruling to Sonoma County Park Owner
08/06/09 - Court Invalidates Illegal Ordinance by City of Chino in Favor of Park Owner
07/09/09 - San Joaquin County Approves 173 Lot Subdivision
05/27/09 - Rohnert Park Approves 300 Lot Subdivision
03/04/09 - City of Goleta Approves 208 Lot Subdivision
01/29/09 - City of East Palo Alto Approves 117 Lot Park Subdivision
01/23/09 - San Luis Obispo County Attempts Enactment of Illegal Ordinance
















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